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Learn Anywhere, Anytime

  • Individual Learning Plan
  • Learning support from a Subject Matter Expert
  • Personalized Adaptive assessment
  • Community Access
  • Industry Interface for projects and work with startups
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Learn Anywhere, Anytime

  • Curriculum aligned to CBSE
  • Group based hands-on activities
  • Facilitator Training
  • Lesson Plans
  • Group dashboards for teachers
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What will you learn

Data Science

Learn the concepts of Data Science and Analytics


Master the basics of Statistics using simple tools


Learn Python from the scratch using DIY activities

Natural Language Processing

Understand the technology behind bots

Computer Vision

Explore the curious world of CV applications


The Visionary
The Data Wizard
Know It ALL
The Maestro
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Coding Vs AI

50% of jobs including programmers
will be automated through AI by 2030

  • Easy DIY modules on AI

  • For various age groups (Age 6-18)

  • AI enabled chatbot as your buddy

  • Video Call support (1:1) from Subject Matter Expert

Who Are We

MethdAI – The AI Learning App, will help you master concepts of AI without the need of having any coding background. Use low code/no code tools to make learning AI fundamentals easy, intuitive and personalized. We’ll help you learn and implement AI models without the need for special computing resources or GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).


Top Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn To Code?

  • Children who take advantage of programming early could build critical skills.
  • Computer programming propels innovative thinking.
  • Coding Education for kids builds their confidence, enhances their critical thinking skills, and builds resilience.
  • Web development is a lucrative career option, and kids programming skills build a foundational understanding of computer systems.

Why is the AI Learning App More Effective?

  • The App teaches AI, giving students the practical aspects and the application and theory.
  • App gives anytime-anywhere access so that students can learn AI at their pace and comfort.

Why MethdAI Learning App is the Best Artificial Intelligence Course for Kids?

  • Comes with an individual learning plan, personalised focus
  • Gives community access to students
  • Teaching AI through fun activities and DIY modules

What to look for when choosing the Right Coding Classes for Kids?

  • Curriculum-For making a stronger AI base
  • Faculty-Higher expertise leads to improved AI learning experience.
  • Future Scope-Check if the course connects students with the AI community and gives them opportunities in the field
  • Reviews-To know what experience of their customers.

Coding vs AI

  • Coding is more about giving instructions which after getting converted are understood by the machine. AI is like a software that can self-learn and improve, its functionality depends on training.

How can using MethdAI Learning App add fun to your kids’ journey in learning artificial intelligence?

  • Fun activities for each subject of the curriculum
  • Practical application and real-life examples
  • DIY modules

How can you turn coding into fun for your kids?

  • Connecting their learning experiences with real-life examples
  • Fun games

How to Enrol for an Artificial Intelligence course?

  • Know your reason for learning AI
  • Our website is user friendly and will give you a complete insight for the same
  • Clarify your doubts
  • Login by putting in your information

What are MethdAI Coins?

  • +

    Where can I check the MethdAI Coins (DCs) balance

    • You can check the balance on the top right corner of the Dashboard.

    Where do I earn more MethdAI Coins?

    • Every day a user accesses the MethdAI Platform they will earn +5 DCs
    • Every question answered correctly gives +1 DC
    • DCs can be purchased from the DC Store. INR 100/- will give the user 30 DCs

    How to use MethdAI Coins?

    • Every question answered incorrectly results in -1 DC
    • If the user wants to use hint / see the correct answer, it will result in -1 DC
    • You can unlock projects using DCs. To unlock a project 5 DCs are to be spent

    When will the MethdAI Coins expire?

    • MethdAI Coins will expire after one year from the date of credit. For e.g. MethdAI Coins credited on 27th May 2021 will expire on 28th May 2022.

    When will the MethdAI Coins be credited?

    • The MethdAI Coins will be credited as soon as you purchase them from the MethdAI Coin Store.

    Can the MethdAI Coins be returned?

    • Once purchased, the MethdAI Coins, cannot be returned.

    Is there any other way to unlock the Projects?

    • Users can purchase the 3 months, 6 months or 1-year plan of the MethdAI Platform to unlock all the available content and features.