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Educate learners about the increasing use of AI for the future

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“No company is going to survive in the future without implementing, or at least gaining an understanding of, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and how it can be used to better grasp data they collect.” David Gasparyan the CEO of Phonexa – one of the biggest marketing hub, through this quote, underlines the increasing importance of AI around us.

This is also the message that DcodeAI, which offers the best online AI courses for kids, has been pushing since its origin - to educate learners about the increasing use of AI for the future. In the most recent press release dated 6th January 2021, DcodeAI, highlighted its new additions in 2021- a new DIY learning platform that includes Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Data Science for children aged between 12 and 18 years. I know these are a lot of technical words at the same time. Let’s make this easy for you to understand one by one.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to the communicating method of AI with intelligent systems using a rather natural language such as English, Hindi, Marathi. A system cannot understand human language. So what do we do to make it understand the language?

We use something called Natural Language Processing to make the computers understand and interpret human language, and to acknowledge the technology behind bots.

Similar to NLP, Computer Vision (CV) is another field of Artificial Intelligence that educates computers to understand and interpret the visual world. Even Google Lens uses Computer Vision to recognize the objects captured by it.

This idea to provide the best AI courses at minimal cost became a reality due to the Angel funding of USD 500,000 from Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd. It was launched earlier this year, with the vision to equip the next generation of learners with AI skills, without having a formal coding background. It aims to democratize AI learning among primary and secondary level students across 10,000+ schools that are currently part of its network.

Not every teenager has a history in coding, nor everybody is privileged to whet that skill. But DcodeAI focuses on low code/no-code tools and usage of AI to make learning easy, intuitive, and personalized. Hence, even those without any coding background can learn and implement AI models. The newly launched DIY learning programs are designed for students who can learn the concept of AI and hone their skills in data manipulation (the process of adjusting data to make it more organized and easy to read), data visualization (a graphical representation of data and information), statistics, machine-learning courses (makes software applications more accurate at predicting outcomes), deep learning (mimics the workings of the human brain), and more. These learning programs are suitable for students who want to acquire the skills of developing Chatbots, Image Recognition Models, as well as Voice Recognition-based Bots, and Home Automation Systems.

Kartik Sharma, CEO & Co-founder of DcodeAI, in the press release marked the importance of democratizing AI across all sectors. He started by pointing out the numerous disruptions that the education system of the country had to face in 2020, and how it also affected the overall learning and development process of the students. He also highlighted that the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has given a clear clarion call for the need to democratize AI across all sectors. Kartik also added, “This journey of AI transformation has to start at the school level and this is what we, at DcodeAI, want to enable. We want to simplify the learning curve of students who want to use AI for solving problems and driving impactful innovations.” The Co-founder, Ashish Aggarwal also stated their goal to reach out to 500+ schools in India by the first quarter of the financial year, 2022, and to further expand the global footprint in countries like Africa, the UK, the USA, and the UAE by the second quarter of the financial year, 2022.

Additionally, to build capacities and acumen for AI within school teachers, periodic offline Teacher Training sessions will be conducted around courses on data science, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.