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Partnership is the foundation of a thriving community

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MethdAI equally believes in the strength of partnerships, and therefore we have joined hands with a few of our friends to enhance Artificial Intelligence learning and to make the world technologically literate and empowered online.

We believe, for a venture and an idea to grow, partnership is a must. Collaborations between brands, people, communities, countries, have brought a change to the world in many ways. Be it the alliance between McDonald’s and Burger King to fight cancer, or the recent partnerships between nations to aid each other in this fight against the pandemic.

We are proud and excited to partner with the International School of AI, UK, endorsed by Gatehouse Awards, that runs DcodeAI produced AI programs which are available to educational institutions globally, and will be soon awarding UK recognized certificates in Artificial Intelligence to our students as well. Gatehouse Awards is an industry-leading Awarding Organisation recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, England (Ofqual).

Dcode AI has also joined hands with Navjyoti India foundation to provide affordable AI education to all. On this auspicious partnership co-founder Kartik Sharma stated, “We are committed to the mission of democratising Artificial Intelligence Learning and make it affordable and accessible. We are truly blessed to work with Navjyoti India Foundation under the leadership of Kiran Bedi ma’am, Neetu Sharma, Sushil Arya, Ujala Bedi Chaudhary, Chandni Bedi to further the cause of democratisation of AI learning.”

We are looking forward to many more such lucrative partnerships at all fronts to make the best features and AI Education available for all in India. Through Alliance and partnerships, we will slowly revolutionize the AI learning process and will make it a mainstream affordable course for all.